Keurig K50 Vs Keurig K55

I see you love coffee like I do. And as a coffee lover, you can agree with me that taste differs, just as we use different coffee makers. Or, the taste might be quite the same, but you prefer a particular coffee maker to the others, because of its distinct features; or there could be something relatable or weird, Hmm! I don’t know.

However, you may be a coffee lover seeking to find a specific coffee maker to stick to, I sincerely understand, we are both in the same shoe, we just tend to drink any kind of coffee, hence coffee.

Well! Let’s put an end to this. In this article, we will vividly discuss two of the top-performing coffee makers in the market. In this discussion, we will both express our unbiased reviews on these coffee makers and I believe at the end of our detailed review, we will both find a preference and pick a choice.

What Are These Coffee Makers?

Keurig K50 and K55 are very simple yet classic coffee makers of one of the all-time famous brands, KEURIG. While the Keurig K55 is a successor to K50, they both have stolen the heart of many coffee lovers, compared to other coffee makers. They are said to be simple to use, rich in function, very fast and they both make very unique tasteful coffee. Yum yum!

Keurig K50




Keurig K55




Let’s Compare

Keurig K55 and K50 have similar features, this is expected as they are immediate siblings. And their differences are not directly contrast either. They are both:

  • User friendly
  • Very fast(under 1 minute)
  • Produce tasty coffee
  • Have automatic switch
  • Have the same water ounces
  • And more

Let’s look at their features together, to know what makes them different.


Compared to the 12(twelve) pounds Keurig K55/K-Classic, Keurig K50 is relatively lighter at 7.6 pounds. That’s a 4.4 pounds difference. K50 is also shorter than K55 by 2(two) inches, making it more compact. If you’re still looking for a spot to fix your coffee maker in, or you need to carry your coffee maker from one place to another, then K50 is the right choice. It’s more portable and less weighty, giving you a comfortable balance.


K50 is basically an older model of K55, so their performance is nearly identical. Both coffee makers allows users to choose variety of K-Cup pods from various roasters, and users can choose the strength and size of their blend. They both also brews very fast, they give you your coffee drink under a minute. Though, K55 brew a little faster, runs in 1,500w. That’s a slight difference. Because of their incredible performance, it’s a draw.


K55 is slightly more affordable than the K50. If you’re trying to save some money for the future, or you just don’t want to spend too much, then K55 is the right choice for you. It’s less expensive and still gives you what you need of a portable coffee maker.

Longevity and Durability:

I have made thorough researches to make sure we both pick the right choices. And it is quite bizarre to know that the K55 has lasting issues that the K50 doesn’t have. It sounds weird, doesn’t it? Especially the fact that K55 is a newer version of K50. Users claims that the K55 breaks down unexpectedly compared to the K50. Making K50 the right choice to pick, if you’re looking for a great coffee maker that would last long. Well, who wouldn’t want a durable coffee maker?

Cleaning and Maintenance:

One thing that keeps a coffee maker functional, is our maintenance and efforts to keep it clean. The K55 comes with a descaling feature that is easy to operate and a removable drip tray that makes cleaning easier. it also has a built-in descaling process that removes mineral deposits from the water path. But to keep the K50 in its top running condition, you need to do a little elbow work. So, if you’re looking for a coffee maker that is easy to clean and maintain, then, the K55 is the right pick. This is the significant difference in features between the two Keurig coffee makers.


Both the K50 and K55 are aesthetically well-balanced. They will probably be the first things anyone would notice in your kitchen. However, if you will love your coffee maker to add flowery colors to your kitchen’s look, then, K55 is your choice. It is available in varieties of colors including red, white, blue, and black. But if you need something more mature and less colourful, K50 is your pick. It’s all depends on what you want.


Both coffee makers are convenient to use, they both come with a button control panel and they are super easy to use. The K55 having being introduced after K50, score at tad higher in this feature, because the buttons are much smoother to press. K55 also uses colours to indicate when it’s active or not. For example, it shows green when it’s activated. If you need a coffee maker that is more user-friendly and less worrisome, K55 got your back.


K55 does not give an option to change the temperature of water, which can limit flavour variety in your cup of coffee. If you add more water, the coffee becomes weaker. If you brew with less water, it’s become stronger. If you’re a type who is very delicate with taste, then K50 gives you the option to control the temperature of water. Go for Keurig K50.


Many has also complained that the K55 is too loud, it is clear the K50 is less noisier than its successor. If you don’t want to disturb your neighborhood, you don’t like noise, or you like making coffee at night when people are at sleep, then K50 is the choice for you.


Okay! I know you’ve been waiting so long for this part. I promise not to disappoint us. After my informative findings, I discovered, ideally, that they both taste best when they brew 6(six) ounces of coffee. And then the strength decreases. I also noticed that K55 brews relatively stronger coffee- that’s a plus. But, there is a problem. Many users have complained that the coffee provided by the K55 has a plastic taste in it. Maybe it is caused by not running a couple of empty circles through the coffee maker upon the first activation. Or, it could be that the K55 has some plastic elements in-built which is affecting the taste.

Let’s Look at Some More Difference

Water Filters: This may be indifferent to you, but it’s good to keep this in mind. While the K50 is still relying on a mesh filter alone, the K55 is also compatible with Keurig’s activated charcoal filters. Having two water filters translates into a smoother and better tasting coffee. This is a great feature to help remove particles from entering your coffee drink. So, if you don’t need any coffee particles while taking your coffee drink, K55 could be the right choice.

K-cup Compatibility: The both use K-cups, yes! But K50 is more compatible with most brands, even non Keurig brands. The K55 is only compatible with Keurig brands. This means that, if you don’t have Keurig brands, you can’t use K-cups for your K55. This is a plus for the K50, if you have other cups and you want to manage what you have, and not buy new ones, K50 is your pick.

In all, I will humbly say,

You should use Keurig K50 if you want:

  • To brew tea and hot chocolate
  • A long-lasting coffee maker
  • A lighter coffee maker
  • A less colorful coffer maker
  • To change water temperature
  • Use non Keurig Cups
  • A less noisy coffee maker
  • A Plastic-free coffee taste

You should use Keurig K55 if you want:

  • A less costly coffee maker
  • An easy to clean and simple maintaining coffee maker
  • A smooth and particle-free coffee taste
  • Lots of drink options
  • Simple clear buttons
  • A more convenient coffee maker
  • A very aesthetic coffee maker
  • A stronger coffee taste

I believe you’ve picked a choice, I have done myself. Come on, let’s go grab our coffee makers.

Should You Purchase a Chemex or French Press?

Truthfully, both methods work great and are affordable, however, you may benefit from one more than the other.

You should purchase a French Press if:

  • You want to be budget friendly – You can find a reputable French Press that will not break the bank. A Press is built to last and it does not matter how much you pay for it. All you are required to do is properly take care of it.
  • You want the satisfaction of a deep cleaned product – The body of the French Press is a wide cylinder. Your hand can easily fit in to scrub every inch. The mesh and steel filter can be taken apart easily, giving you the ability to clean each part. 
  • You are looking for an environmentally friendly product – The French Press is a waste free product. The filter is made from mesh and steel. 
  • You are looking for a full bodied, energy packed cup of coffee – The Press produces coffee that will bring your energy level from zero to one hundred really quickly. It works well as a morning cup of coffee.

Did you check off all the points on this list? If so, it would be in your best interest to purchase a French Press!

You should purchase a Chemex if:

  • You like a quick clean-up – The coffee grounds are all collected by a specialty filter. The filter ensures little to no mess while using the Chemex.
  • You like to drink coffee casually and throughout the day – The Chemex produces a flavorful cup of coffee. It works well for an afternoon pick me up.
  • You don’t like bitter coffee – The filter used for the Chemex minimizes the bitterness and acidity in the brew that is produced.
  • You like to be hands-on while crafting your brew – The Chemex requires your full attention from the beginning of the brew to the end.

If these key points caught your attention, then a Chemex is the way to go!

Maybe you are just like me and identify strongly with points from both lists. If so, definitely invest in the Chemex and the French Press! You will make use out of both and I can promise you that.

We hope you found the perfect coffee maker. Check out all our coffee maker buying guides here.