Keurig k425 vs k475

Spotting the difference between the Keurig k425 and k475 can be like looking for an Arabica coffee bean in a jar of Robusta. Slightly costlier, the main distinguishing feature of the k475 is its water filter kit. As there are various ways in which this may (or may not!) be suited to your individual coffee needs, let’s dive into the details of this feature, as well as the more nuanced differences between the k425 and the k475.

Keurig 2.0: k425 and k475

Both the Keurig k425 and k475 come from the 2.0 line of Keurig coffee makers. The products in this line have more functionalities than their 1.0 predecessors and exclusively use Keurig style k-cup pods. Thankfully, most reputable coffee makers including Starbucks, Green Mountain and Dunkin Donuts do indeed make their k-cup pods in this style.

As mentioned, the primary difference between the two models is that the k475 is packaged with helpful accessories. This Keurig model comes with a water filter kit consisting of a water cartridge with a handle that goes in the water reservoir and two disposable filters. It also comes with six starter pods of varying flavors.

We actually have a Keurig k475 in the office I work at because the only way to get filtered water there is from the water cooler, and it’s quite difficult to fit the Keurig water reservoir under the water cooler spout. For us, the k475 saves time and hassle. If you can easily access filtered water or if making coffee with filtered water is not that important to you, the Keurig k425 and k475 are otherwise operationally and physically identical.

Each coffee maker is 10.4 x 13.4 x 13.6 inches in size, and while the k425 weighs in at 10 lbs., the k475 is about 13 lbs. They each have a removable 70 oz. water reservoir with the capacity to brew over eight cups of coffee before having to refill it. This has definitely saved me time! Another plus is that the water reservoir is made from FDA-approved, BPA-free polystyrene.

I tend to go for a stronger cup of coffee in the morning to get that a.m. jolt and milder brews in the afternoon, so I love the strength control capabilities that both Keurigs have. When you activate the “strong” brew option, you will hear that the pulse-rate of the pump is slower than when you use the Keurig for a standard brew. This way, the water absorbs more of the coffee, so you will know if it is working properly simply by the sound of it.

The strength control settings, along with the temperature settings, are designed to provide for a pretty personalized coffee flavor based on your preferences. There are five levels of temperature, with the default setting for k-cups being 192 degrees Fahrenheit, and the k-carafe being 197.

The k425 and k475 are capable of all brew sizes. The k-cup brew sizes are 4, 6, 8 and 10 oz., the k-mugs are 12, 14, 16 and 18 oz., and k-carafe brew sizes are 22, 26 and 30 oz. –keep this in mind when it’s your turn to pick up coffee for that morning work meeting! Another time saving quality is that both the Keurig k425 and the k475 brew a cup of coffee in less than a minute, and a carafe brews in less than three minutes. And so you aren’t up all night, each model can be used to make hot drinks other than coffee, such as hot cocoa and tea.

Keurig ironed out some glitches in the k475 that are present in the k425, such as an occasional blank screen and error message here and there. However, between the provided warranty, the typically topnotch customer service Keurig provides and naturally, the universal troubleshoot of simply rebooting, the very rare k425 malfunction is a minute consideration.

Maintenance-wise, both models are super user-friendly. This is important to me because I frankly like to spend less time looking at user manuals and more time drinking coffee. To clean the pod holder, you can easily eject it from the base. When you close the lid without a k-cup, it will give you hot water. I would just recommend running a hot water cycle if the water is not immediately clear enough for you.

Keurig k425 vs k475, Pros and Cons:

Keurig k425




Keurig k475




The Features of the k425 vs k475, Face to Face

The Keurig k425 and k475 are practically twins. As mentioned, they have identical functionalities and features including programmable strength and temperature settings designed to provide you a custom cup of joe. If you’re looking to entertain friends, know that you’ll have to purchase the carafe separately for both models. Don’t forget to detach the removable drip tray so the carafe fits. The removable drip, by the way, can contain up to 12 oz. of liquid.

I think that the k425 and k475 are pretty futuristic additions to the kitchen. The 2.4-inch LCD touch-screen control panel features a clock, preference settings, some fun wallpaper options, language settings and an energy save option. The smart screen will actually signal you if descaling is necessary. The reservoir, meanwhile, will light up if it is lacking the appropriate water amount.

The screens on both the k425 and the k475 are in full color (vs the black-and-white screens on the 1.0 machines). Seems like a small upgrade, but I think it adds to the whole modern aesthetic of the two Keurig coffee machines.

Which brings us to the visuals. Call me shallow, but my Keurig is front and center on my kitchen counter because I like the compliments I get from it. It has a smooth, clean design with a combination of shiny and matte throughout. I think the Keurig k425 and k475 sit well in high-tech kitchens and actually add a shiny modernizing touch to other kitchens. The k425 comes in black, red and sandy pearl. The k475 comes in black, red and white.

Both the Keurig k425 and Keurig k475 can automatically detect which pod you have put into the coffee maker. Keurig implemented this for the 2.0 line not only so that the coffee makers would be Keurig k-cup exclusive, but also so that both the k425 and the Keurig k475 are able to adjust the brew size and settings accordingly. Most of the time, I do indeed like to specify my preferences, but there are times in which I’d rather the “barista” expertly make the decisions for me.

So as far as which Keurig coffee maker wins features-wise, I would say the k475 wins by just a hair, simply and only due to the rare and manageable malfunctions of the k425. Depending on your subjective preferences, you may very well still prefer one to the other.

Stand Out Features, Keurig k425 vs k475

Finally, let’s really talk about that water filter kit as it truly is the only difference in features between the Keurig k425 and the k475. As I mentioned earlier, due to that the water reservoir will not fit underneath the water cooler spout at work, my office team opted for the k475 coffee maker. At home however, I have a water filter attached to my faucet so I actually opted for the other model.

I’ve been told that filtered water produces more delicious coffee, but I personally find that the Keurig coffee maker yields coffee exactly to my liking thanks mostly to the program settings and variety of flavor choices in Keurig k-cups. I find this has little to do with whether the water is filtered or not myself. Of course, a water filter cleans water and can prevent calcium build-up so that’s always a plus.

Most importantly, the Keurig water filter kit is in fact available for purchase as a separate product. If you do opt for the k425 and later find that filtered water makes a substantial difference in the taste of your coffee (and that your palette is more delicate than mine!) or if you find that filtering water separately takes up valuable time, hope is not lost. Fortunately, you will not have to trade your k425 in for a brand new Keurig coffee maker. Just buy that separate water filter kit, attach it to the k425, and your Keurig will have all the capabilities of the k475.

Keurig k425 vs k475, Conclusion:

That pretty much covers it, coffee lovers.

Opt for one of the Keurig k425 coffee makers if:

·       You have easy access to a water filter

·       You do not have a preference for filtered water for your coffee

·       You are price sensitive

If this is you, feel free to purchase the Keurig – k425 on Amazon here.

Opt for one of the Keurig k475 coffee makers if:

·       You do not have immediate access to filtered water and prefer your coffee be made with filtered water

·       You prefer double-filtered water for your coffee

·       You would rather not deal with the occasional, be it manageable malfunction

Head on over to Amazon to purchase the Keurig- k475 here.

I hope this was helpful in finding the right coffee maker for you. Happy brewing!

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