Jura Vs Delonghi

The debate

For consumers looking for professional-quality brewing options, the Jura and DeLonghi coffee maker lines may be exactly what they are looking for. 

Fully automatic coffee machines do everything from grinding the beans to frothing the milk. They take any guesswork out of the equation, but as their technological advancement increases so does their price. 

For those looking for the luxury of barista-quality coffee instantly in their own home, deciding Jura vs DeLonghi is an important step toward making this sizeable purchase and satisfying their coffee cravings.

The Jura and DeLonghi Lines

Jura Automatic Coffee Machines




Swiss coffee maker company Jura makes automatic coffee machines with an extensive line to fit personal, office, and professional needs. With a universal design, any bean or roast can be made with a Jura machine. 

Jura Automatic Coffee Machines are programmable for different types of coffee. Their home line comes with several different styles.

Jura Lines

GIGA Line: The GIGA line consists of the GIGA 6. Described as a “professional machine for household use,” this large, double spout automatic coffee maker can make espresso, lattes, americanos, and more.

Z Line: The Z8 is specifically for americano style coffees. The Z6 uses the proprietary Pulse Extraction Process for espressos and is available in black and silver styles.

J Line: The J6 comes in silver and makes several different styles of coffee.

S line: The S8 comes in black and silver and is considered compact. It makes several different types of coffee. 

E Line: With combinations of black and silver facades, the E8 tackles many different styles using the Pulse Extraction Process. The E6 also uses P.E.P, but combines with the CLEARYL Smart Intelligent Water System to improve flavor.

D Line:  Cappuccino lovers will find what they are looking for in the D6. Other coffee styles can also be completed with this dual spout coffee maker.

A Line: The A1 models from Jura are what one could consider the budget line. Coming in at $799, these basic brewers makes one cup at a time using the Pulse Extraction Process.

ENA Line: Including the ENA 8, ENA Micro 90, ENA Micro 5, and ENA Micro 1, the ENA line concentrates on quality, petite espressos and other specialties, automatically.

DeLonghi Coffee Makers




DeLonghi’s line of automatic coffee makers is all encompassing. From fully automatic, iced coffee, espresso, manual, and all-in-one, DeLonghi customers can find a machine that meets their needs.

DeLonghi Coffee Maker Lines

Fully Automatic: The fully automatic line from DeLonghi requires no interference, processing espressos, iced coffees, and cappuccinos with only one step.

Manual: DeLonghi’s manual line includes La Specialista and the Dedica Deluxe. Meant for espresso and cappuccino, these designs permit more intervention during brewing. 

Automatic: With multiple capabilities including espressos, lattes, and cappuccinos, the Magnifica models offer variety and automatic brewing.

Nespresso: For an espresso specific model, the Lattissima Pro may be the best option for customers.

All-in-One: For making a basic drip coffee or a home-made espresso, DeLonghi’s All-in-One is a good choice. Coming in under $270, this is one of DeLonghi’s more affordable machines.

Features Face-Off

Brewing Process

Jura’s Brew

Jura’s proprietary Pulse Extraction Process makes the most of the time it takes to extract for flavor. It takes less than a minute. With automatic grinding finished, extraction via water happens quickly, as the water is pumped through the fresh grounds. 

This, combined with the CLEARYL Smart filter, enhances Jura’s flavor. This filter removes any deposits that may affect the coffee’s flavor and stops scaling before it starts in the machine.

DeLonghi’s Brew

In DeLonghi’s top seller, the Dinamica, the Truebrew Process is used to ensure the right amount of grounds is used for the right amount of coffee. In only 40 seconds, the brewer is heated up. With its fully-automated system, beans are ground with a burr grinder. 

There should be no left-over grounds in the brewing unit, so it is ready to go for the next brew. There are options to program brew strengths, as well as over 10 adjustable settings for the grinder. Speciality coffees from americanos to iced coffee can be achieved with this sequence.

Given the uniqueness and thought put into each brewing process to get optimal results, it is a tie between Jura and DeLonghi for best brew.


When it comes to a dollar-to-dollar comparison of the Jura and DeLonghi coffee makers, DeLonghi wins out. Although both lines are considered luxury, and cost a lot more than your average Mr. Coffee, the DeLonghi is an attainable splurge. 

Delonghi machines cost between $200 and $800. The price increases as the technology of automation increases. A balance between cost and automatic functions can be found to purchase a quality machine for the mid-three-figures.

The Jura line, however, even amongst the line meant for home use, comes with professional pricing. With prices over $5,000 for automatic coffee machines, Jura almost exclusively pushes itself into the professional niche. Savvy shoppers who are set on a Jura can get a A1 Jura automatic coffee machine for under $800. 

It’s clear, DeLonghi’s budget-luxury prices make for a great cup of coffee without an empty wallet.

Stand-out Features

Eco-Friendly Jura

With eco-friendliness in mind, Jura was designed to save energy. It has low-energy consumption.

Iced DeLonghi

For those looking for an iced coffee machine, the DeLonghi Dinamica models are a standout feature. As one of its automatic features, the Dinamica can brew cooler for an instant cup of iced coffee. 

The Dinamica comes with an ice-cube tray (with cube depressions in the shape of coffee beans). Place the cubes in your cub pre-brew and let the Dinamica get to work. From grinding the beans to frothing your favorite sort of milk, your iced coffee will be done in mere minutes with an equally quick clean-up time of placing the dishwasher-safe drip tray into the appliance.

Though Jura does offer a recipe for iced coffee, it does not appear that it can be made with their automatic machines.


The clear winner in the Jura vs DeLonghi competition is the DeLonghi line. For luxury within reach of the average consumer, DeLonghi offers tiered prices for basic to advanced coffee makers that bring a professional brewing process into the home.

Jura Automatic Coffee Machines 

That said, Jura is an advanced professional line that makes sense for small businesses and extreme coffee lovers to purchase. Costing thousands of dollars a piece, these lines are not going to be accessible for the average consumer.

Customers should consider Jura if:

  • They are looking for a professional/home-use crossover coffee maker
  • They are looking for high-end Swiss design 
  • They need fully automatic designs
  • They want to use the Pulse Extraction Process
  • They are invested in the CLEARYL water filter process
  • Need to purchase a high-end coffee maker with a financing option

Shoppers can find Jura models at shopjura.com. Please note this a site linked from their professional site, jura.com.

DeLonghi Coffee Makers

DeLonghi offers a luxury line of coffee makers at more attainable options. 

Customers should consider DeLonghi if:

  • If they are looking for an affordable luxury coffee maker
  • If they are looking for lines with variation from manual to fully automatic
  • Need a line that is available at common retailers like Target, Bed Bath & Beyond, and Amazon.com

Looking for a DeLonghi? Find it at Amazon, Best Buy, and more.

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