Best Jura Coffee Machines

Most people start their morning with a cup of coffee. Creating your very own coffee is even better than queuing up at your favorite restaurant. On-demand coffee can be yours with a Jura brewer. For almost 9 decades, Jura has been at the forefront of coffee brewing technology. As you would guess, the Swiss company offers several options for coffee makers. Thankfully, we have done all the work for you, so you don’t have to look at all the coffee machines in the Jura family to find the one.  

In this Jura coffee machine review, we will take a look at different Jura super automatics. The company boasts over 15 different automated coffee brewers. They are amazing pieces of bean-to-coffee appliances with enough features and technological innovations to make Americanos, espressos, and cappuccinos right from your kitchen.




Things to consider before buying a Jura Automatic Coffee Machine 

Some coffee lovers desire for more control over the brewing process, while others prefer convenience and ease of use. Those who fall into the latter category might love an automatic coffee machine like D6 or the Jura Impressa J6. The Jura D6, specifically, is ideal for espresso aficionados who prefer an affordable automatic brewing machine for milk drinks. 

Having said that, there are several other things that you still need to ask yourself before buying a Jura Automatic Coffee Machine. 

  • Price tag: Each Jura machine comes at different costs. If you prefer a budget-friendly option, then D6 can save you a coin. But if you want a machine that gives you lots of options when it comes to coffee brewing, then J6 or Jura Z6 machines can satisfy your needs. 
  • Size & Color: Does a machine fit your home? Some Jura machines need their own corner while others can fit snugly into that compact countertop. You will also need to think about how your new coffee maker will blend in with your kitchen decor. 
  • Maintenance: Jura has done a great job when it comes to convenience and innovation. All its models come with self-cleaning mechanisms that minimize scaling. 
  • Simplicity and Control: Basically, you want a machine that is daily easy to use. If you prefer simplicity over control, then Jura D6 is an ideal model. Likewise, if you need more control over the brewing process, Jura J6 or Jura Z6 comes with a wide array of settings.

Features & Benefits

Jura D6 Automatic Coffee Machine 

One-Touch Milk Frothing

The Jura D6 model comes with a semi-automatic milk frother. With the D6, adding milk to your beverage is so straightforward. It works this way. The frother siphon milk from a container and transfer it to an automated frothing device, which will give you richly textured foam for your milk-based beverages without moving your cup. Usually, milk and espresso are prepared using separate beverages ports. And it offers even more. The frother is compatible with Cool Control milk and Jura’s stainless steel containers, making it easy for you to accessorize. Our only concern about this Jura coffee maker is that it does not allow for customization of the milk froth. 

The Aroma Grinder

The D6 model uses a stainless steel type of conical burr grinder. Jura D6’s grinder comes with 5 grind levels to ensure that beans are freshly ground to guarantee top flavor. Perhaps Jura could have improved by integrating a ceramic grinder and making it a two boiler and using a ceramic grinder.  

Nevertheless, the grinder is good enough for its price tag. Moreover, it is adjustable, so you can choose the settings that will give you the right fitness of the coffee powder you need. Here, the finer the coffee powder, the more intense the flavor. What we like about the Aroma grinder is its perfect cutting angles in the grinding cones, which lead to increased efficiency. With an efficient grinder, you can achieve a perfect aroma in all its natural fullness in a reduced time.

Pulse Extraction Process Technology

With Jura’s patented Pulse Extraction Technology (PEP), Jura D6 can bring out the full flavor profiles of most coffee beans that you insert into the hopper. The technology works effortlessly to ensure you get perfect espresso in perfect extraction time. This means that you don’t have to guess how long it will take to get a perfect brew. The device’s algorithm already does the work for you. 

The technology works alongside the D6’s intelligent pre-brew system. What it does is immerses the coffee beans in the correct proportion of water to trigger the process of infusion. This combination improves the efficiency of the extraction process, meaning more robust coffee aromas and flavors.

Operation and Maintenance 

Like other Jura coffee makers, the D6 model is quite easy to operate. And since it is one of Jura’s entry-level coffee machines, you would expect it to have the most basic setups. To make your cup of coffee, use the large control knob to select the type of coffee you need and then touch the P LED beneath the control knob to access the different settings on the device. If you are completely new to coffee machines, you will less likely take more than 2 days to get acquitted with its different features and functionalities. 

Additionally, D6 comes with several automatic cleaning programs. One of the useful features of its maintenance programmings is automatic descaling. For instance, you can program the hardness of water that enters your device to calculate a descaling cycle for you. This setting will enable the machine to monitor the amount of minerals in the system, and then alert you when it is due for descaling. But don’t expect D6 to have as robust cleaning functionalities as other Jura high-end models. Nonetheless, it alerts you about the state of different components of the coffee maker. For instance, if the filter needs replacement, the device will send out an alert. 

Another cool thing about this machine is that it cleans its milk system automatically. While this is a nice addition for a budget coffee maker, we found a few hiccups. Sure, the milk system can clean itself automatically 10 minutes after the milk steam valve shuts off, but it can be confusing if you want to delay the cleanup. Another issue is that the machine uses plenty of water just to clean up the milk system. Despite these issues, we find cleaning and operating the D6 model to be a lot easier than other similar machines.

Jura Impressa J6

Impressive Design

Besides its top-of-the-line technological features, J6 features unparalleled design. If Jura C60 or C65 doesn’t impress you, then wait until you see Jura Impressa J6. Jura is right when it describes this coffee maker as an attractive way of showing good taste. 

It is hard to hide this coffee maker in a cabinet. Its award-winning design features a glass cup grille, a chrome-plated coffee spout, a redesigned storage compartment that allows for easy access to milk pipe and interchangeable milk spout, and a rotary switch with blue crystal design. 

High Tech Innovation and Optimal Operations

Through this home machine, Jura pioneered the future of brewing specialty coffee. With the new Jura JOE app, you can connect J6 to your tablet or smartphone via a Bluetooth transmitter, making it easier to access and control all the machine’s functionalities. It allows you to adjust your coffee’s strength, amount of beans, and temperature for a perfect brew.  

Besides the Smart Connect feature, Jura J6 features a rotary dial and a Thin Film Transistor (TFT) display to simplify access to all its features. To select the beverage of your choice, simply use the color display and wait for the machine to do the magic.

Quality Brews

Jura J6 runs exclusively on Pulse Extraction Process (PEP) to optimize the brewing process. The machine pulses during the brewing process just to strengthen the flavor and intensity of your espresso. Basically, you can taste the nuances in coffee aromas, which range from cappuccino to latte macchiato. Best of all, you can achieve all this with the touch of a button.

Jura Z6

Fantastic Foam

Z6 has a sophisticated, yet easy to operate milk system. With it, you can brew a cappuccino with drier foam or even a latte extra hot. In fact, you don’t need to be a skillful barista to add a milk form or finishing flair to your coffee. It switches from milk to foam with a single press. What is even more impressive is that you can modify the milk temperature to suit your preference. What you will get with it is an effortless cup of your favorite specialty coffee full of foam and flavor.

Top Performance

Jura Z6 compact size can be deceptive since this machine offers premium performance. It comes with lots of controls that are easily accessible for a straightforward brewing. Even its bean container and water tank are located in the front section to reduce awkward repositioning. With its many controls, you can create your favorite selection of specialty coffees and then add them to the start screen, which will speed up the brewing process. Another good thing about this coffee maker is that its maintenance is a snap, thanks to its exclusive two-compartment cleaning container.

Advanced Filtration System

Jura z6 is not only a high-end machine, but it also pioneered the intelligent water filtration system. Powered by RFID technology, the filtration system features an automatic filter detection, which is rare for a specialty coffee machine. This state-of-the-art filtration system removes unwanted substances in water, such as calcium and chlorine, therefore, improving the taste of your coffee.

Social Proof

To help you make better decisions, we have scoured the internet. Upon taking a harder look at various Jura D6 customer reviews, we are convinced that we love this automatic machine. Some negative comments were mainly related to coffee getting stuck and settings issues. Nevertheless, those who are already familiar with Jura’s other models found D6 as easy to use and efficient for light brewing. Here are a few screenshots of customer reviews.


1. DeLonghi ECAM23210


Just like Jura, Delonghi is a great brand that offers coffee makers for those starting their coffee-at-home journey. The DeLonghi ECAM23210B Compact Magnifica, specifically, is more affordable than Jura D6 and J6. This coffee maker has a lot of nice features and is designed to work in compact environments. It features a programmable menu and an easy to use digital control panel to let you control temperature, time, cup size and coffee strength. While this machine can create perfectly layered coffee with a rich, long-lasting form, it can be a little noisy. It is a reliable machine for first-timers.

For a deeper comparison between the Jura and Delonghi models, check out our comparison guide here.

DeLonghi ECAM23210

Jura D6

Jura J6

Less pricey

Suits both beginner and hobbyists, but it is relatively expensive

It is relatively expensive

Sleek and counter-friendly design

Also compact, but can be bulkier for extremely tiny spaces

Very stylish and compact

You have to purchase grinder separately

Comes with built-it in burr grinder

Its Aroma G3 grinder grind to optimal fitness while preserving the aroma

2. Saeco HD8645/47


Saeco HD8645/47 is one of the most compact automatic espresso machines on the market. It is also super affordable for those looking to explore the world of specialty coffee. At its price point, it can be accused of not being feature-rich as the Jura D6. Saeco HD8645/47 is ideal for beginners, and casual coffee drinkers. Its reservoir might be small to satisfy the need of power drinkers, while its limited options might not be enough to satisfy purists.

Saeco HD8645/47

Jura D6

Jura Z6

Entry-level, value-priced coffee maker

Its additional features come at a cost

It is pricey because it comes with many customization choices. 

Super-compact machine, making it ideal for drivers with limited spaces

Also compact, but still bulkier than the Saeco HD8645/47 model

It is a relatively huge machine, but with an impressive design

Its front-loading reservoir can only hold 33 ounces of water 

Comes with a 64-ounce tank

It also comes with a 64-ounce tank with added start-of-the-art features

3. Philips Carina 1200-Series


Philips Carina 1200-Series produce good coffee in a quick touch way and are easy to maintain. It is the most basic machine with a manual panarello cappuccino maker, which helps you make foam while giving you control over texture and temperature. Its major competitive advantage over Jura machines is that Philips Carina 1200 series comes in at a competitive price point. You will find it valuable if you are a regular cappuccino lover. Overall, Philips Carina 1200-Series offer simplicity and futuristic feature-set that fit most kitchens.

Philips Carina 1200-Series

Jura D6

Jura J6

It is relatively affordable

It is relatively expensive

It is a high-end machine that gives you a lot of control

Super-compact machine, making it ideal for drivers with limited spaces

Highly customizable. It lets you adjust the coffee strength, water level, and temperature. 

Moderately compact, but very stylish

Uses a manual Pannarello steam wand. 

It utilizes the straightforward Pulse Extraction Process (PEP) flavor optimizing technology

Also runs exclusively on PEP technology to optimize the extraction process


The Jura Automatic Coffee Machines are amazing coffee makers that you can depend on to deliver great-tasting coffee every time. Jura coffee machines are sweet but they are also pricey, especially Jura Z6.  You will like Jura coffee machines because: 

  • They are fully automatic, meaning they can pull a double shot of quality coffee from start-to-finish, without moving the cup.
  • It is ideal for a serious coffee drinker who wants a machine that can produce a great cup of coffee but doesn’t mind paying a premium for it.