Jura A1 Review

Trying to find a coffee machine that makes that perfect cup can be very difficult, especially if you love the taste of a cup from the coffee shop down the street. Something about it just tastes so perfect and so professional. Your average coffee maker is going to make an average coffee, but an above average coffee maker is sure to make an above average cup of Joe. 

That is where the Jura A1 comes in.

The Jura A1 is a sleek, compact coffee maker that produces a unique cup of coffee – and it’s one that I have fallen in love with. Believe me, it is hard to please me, as I have been a barista for over five years. Finding a great cup of coffee, especially one you can make in your own home, is rare. 

The Jura A1 can make a cup of coffee, espresso or ristretto. It has the short specialty coffee game down pat. The Jura has an especially sleek design as well that goes along nicely with its sleek coffee making skills.

You may have heard of  the Jura A1 because of its brothers and sisters, the Jura ENA 1 and the Jura E6. To be honest, the Jura A1 is the market leader and definitely the Jura product I would recommend first.

The Jura A1 comes from a company that has been producing high-end household appliances since the 1930’s. The company started to create espresso/coffee machines in the 1980’s and they have become main contributors ever since.

Before going any further, let’s list some of the pros and cons of the Jura A1.




Why Would You Need A Jura A1?

If you are someone that appreciates a great cup of coffee, espresso or rissetto you should consider purchasing a Jura A1. There is a difference between a cup you make in an old coffee maker and a cup made with the Jura A1. As a barista I have had my fair share of coffee.

Whether it is from a shop, a pour over, or a french press, the coffee produced by the A1 is always at the top of my list. The ideal customer for the Jura is someone looking to enjoy and produce a great, top of the list cup of coffee. In other words this product works best for all of the coffee connoisseurs out there.

Before purchasing the Jura A1, it is important to know that this machine is not made to be a latte machine like other espresso machines in the game. The A1 strictly makes espresso as there is no milk frother included on the machine. If you are looking for a latte machine I would suggest looking elsewhere or you will be disappointed by this incredible product.

Features and Benefits

I am sure you are curious as to what makes this coffee/espresso making machine stand out from the rest. I can honestly say that the features and benefits of this product are what makes the A1 stand out. In my opinion for the incredible features and benefits the price is right, I believe that you are truly getting the best value with the A1. 

Below, I will list some of my favorite stand out features and why they have bumped the A1 to the top of the coffee/espresso maker list.

The Grinder

The grinder inside the Jura has been perfected to have an incredible cutting angle inside the actual grinding cone itself. There is an adjustment switch that allows you to switch the grind from coarse to fine. 

This is super important as espresso should be made with finer grounds and a regular cup of coffee should be made with medium to coarse grounds. The cover comes with symbols that will show you which position is meant for coarse grounds and which position is for fine grounds. I know I appreciate a good set of symbols to help me out while navigating a new machine, it definitely saves me more time than trying to figure it out myself.

The Aroma G3 grinder has a super fast grind time so you will be able to enjoy your cup of coffee/espresso in no time. Even though the grinder gets the job done in a speedy manner, it is also efficient. Below is a picture of the cover with symbols.

The Control Panel

It is hard not to appreciate a good control panel on a coffee/espresso machine, it is an automatic coffee/espresso machine after all. The control panel is meant to help the user navigate their way around the machine.The control panel on the Jura serves as two functions actually. 

The first function displays all of the symbols that will prompt you to make a cup of coffee. The next function,which in my opinion is the best function, is that it will send you maintenance messages. 

This is a lifesaver because I hate trying to figure out what is wrong with my machine by just guessing, I usually end up screwing something up and causing more damage. The A1 will let you know when it needs something. If it needs water or if the water tank is placed wrong the water tank symbol will light up.

Energy Saving Mode

I love this feature because I am all about being energy conscious and saving the environment every way I can. If the A1 is not in use for 5 minutes it will enter into an energy saving mode. If it has not been used for 2 hours the energy saving mode will automatically turn off. I love this feature because not only does it save energy but it also ensures safety. 

If you are like me and very forgetful, you will never have to be worried if you left your coffee machine on because the A1 will take care of it for you.

Pulse Extraction

The pulse extraction is a feature that will produce a perfectly balanced cup. The machine pulses with pressure into the brew unit. An even cup of coffee is incredibly important. As a barista I have had many cups of coffee that lacked balance and honestly you can taste the difference. This video will show you exactly how pulse extraction works.

The Aroma Preservation Seal

There are many reasons as to why a person loves coffee and the aroma of coffee is definitely one of those reasons. The aroma preservation seal is located in the place that holds the beans which is also known as a “bean hopper”. 

The preservation seal guarantees the freshness of the beans for days. This is a great benefit because I have wasted many coffee beans by not sealing them up correctly. Fresh coffee beans are a must for a great cup of coffee.

The Adjustable Coffee Spout

The adjustable coffee spout is another one of those little things that really make a difference. I have spilled coffee all too often because of having to tip my cup to pull it out after the espresso or coffee has been made due to the coffee spout. Not every mug is the same size and with the adjustable spout I can use any mug or cup I want. The best part is, no coffee has to be lost in the process.

The Aesthetic

The Jura A1 is an amazing machine and it is not so bad on the eyes either. The machine can come in Piano Black or Piano White. Both are sleek and easy to clean. It is designed to be as small as possible to fit nice and comfortably wherever it is placed. It is a perfect addition to any kitchen and it can turn your coffee corner into a professional looking space. Below is the Piano Black version

The Quiet Operation

From my experience, there is truly nothing worse than waking up early in the morning to make coffee only to be greeted with the unbearably loud noise that some coffee/espresso machines make. 

This is especially an issue if you live with roommates. No one wants to be woken up by a loud machine at 6 AM and you certainly do not want to be the person responsible. Luckily the Jura A1 has an almost silent coffee making process. It may not seem like a huge perk but I can honestly say it is one of my favorite things about the Jura. This video will show you how quietly it operates.

The Cleaning/Maintenance

You will be prompted to clean your machine after 180 cups (you will see this on the control panel) and after 2000 ounces of water goes through the machine it will let you know and you will have to change the filter. The descaling process takes about 30 minutes and does not require a lot of hands-on work from you. 

The process is pretty simply taken care of with water and descaling tablets. The drip tray and the surface of the A1 only needs to be wiped down every once in a while. I always keep an eye out for machines that are easy to take care of and this machine is one of them. It makes a difference when you can actually enjoy what the machine does instead of having to worry about cleaning it right away.

Social Proof

I wanted to be sure that others felt as strongly about the Jura A1 as I did. To me it is always necessary to have some positive outside feedback before I make a big purchase.The Jura A1 is a big investment so it made me feel a lot better finding a lot of positive comments surrounding it. These comments have proven to be very true, hopefully the comments below will settle any uneasiness towards purchasing an A1.

Alternative Options

If the Jura A1 is not what you are looking for there are plenty of other options. Below I will list some of my other favorites and the great features and benefits they possess.

Philips Carina


The Phillips Carina is a great alternative to the A1. This machine has a milk steamer. For those looking for a latte or a cappuccino in the morning this is the machine that will make it happen. The milk frother is awesome because it is automatic, so there is minimal effort required and it is excellent for beginners. All you have to worry about is the temperature and texture that you want.

The Phillips Carina has a control panel with programmable drink buttons. This is a super cool feature especially for those that do not have experience in coffee making. The Carina has a smart sensing water filter that will track usage. You can make up to 5000 cups without having to change filters. I also love the slide out water reservoir. It is so convenient instead of having to move the whole machine to fill it with water and/or risk getting the rest of the machine soaking wet. For the value this product is definitely worth the price.

Saeco PicoBaristo


The PicoBaristo is another very reputable espresso machine. The machine allows you to choose one of 15 drink options. It also has a feature that allows you to make a user profile where you can save your favorites. I love that the PicoBaristo has a AquaClean filter because it allows you to enjoy 5000 cups before having to replace it. There is also a button that allows your to control the aroma strength. This is an incredible perk, especially if you love the smell of coffee.

The PicoBaristo has a milk frother built in and if you choose to have a cappuccino it will make it for you, all you have to do is place the cup under the filter, press a button and it makes the entire drink for you. This is another machine that is great for beginners with little to no barista experience. It does not hurt that the Saeco PicoBaristo has a very modern, aesthetically pleasing look. It would honestly look nice and professional in any kitchen.

Breville The Barista Express


I love anything by Breville because they sell great, reputable products that will not break the bank. The Barista Express is an amazing machine that looks like a miniature version of something you would find at a coffee shop. The Barista Express is a perfect machine for experienced coffee makers. 

It has an option to grind whole beans into grounds that are fine, coarse or anything in between. I love that the Barista Express has a “stamp” included. As a barista the stamp is so important before extracting espresso. The stamp ensures the extraction will produce a balanced cup. The stamp is exactly what the name states, it stamps the espresso grounds down into the filter holder so it is nice and even before extraction.

The bean hopper included is another huge perk. Instead of having to constantly take out a bag of coffee beans every time you want some espresso all you have to do is put a modest amount of beans into the hopper and they will stay fresh for days before having to refill. The Barista Express never fails to produce a flavorful, balanced cup and I can really appreciate that, especially for the great price.

Should You Purchase a Jura A1?

Before purchasing a Jura A1 do not forget to consider some of these major points; Are you a coffee lover? Are you looking for something that will produce a great cup of coffee/espresso without having to break the bank? Are you looking for something that will look sleek and aesthetically pleasing in your kitchen? Are you looking to impress your guests with a quality cup of coffee?

The Jura A1 is the answer to all of these questions. As a barista with years of experience I completely support this product and would recommend it to anyone searching for a great coffee machine. If you can relate to even one of the points I mentioned above you should check out the Jura A1 for yourself.