How to Clean Kalita Wave

As far as we know, Kalita Wave is one of the easiest brewers to clean. Compared to other pour-over drippers, the Wave is an approachable device that is easy to use and maintain. All you may need is toss the filter and give your dripper a rinse, but nothing abrasive or scrubbing. Occasionally, you may need to use descaling stuff.    

How do you clean your Kalita? This question might appear dumb to coffee professionals, but to be sincere most of us are struggling to clean our flat-bottom dripper. If that sounds familiar, then we will take you through a step by step process on how to clean Kalita Wave. As you will see below, you don’t even need that much to make it fresh again. Let’s get started.


What You Will Need to Follow this Tutorial

To ensure that your cup tastes good every time, it is essential to clean your brewer every time you use it. The good thing is that cleaning Kalita Wave is a straightforward process. Usually involves rinsing the dripper with water after the brew. However, you may need to soak with some descaling stuff after a couple of months. 

Here is what you need to clean Kalita Wave brewer:

  • Hot water
  • Soft dishcloth
  • Puro 
  • Barkeeper’s friend
  • Dishwasher cleaner

Precise Steps on How to Clean Kalita Wave

Technicalities aside, the Kalita Wave Features a handsome design and usually requires a small learning curve for coffee lovers new to manual brewing. More importantly, it is easy to clean. 

Unfortunately, most coffee lovers don’t realize that their brewers could be filled with mold, bacteria, and scale deposits if they are not cleaned regularly. Not only do these extra ‘ingredients’ alter the taste of their coffee but also give them unwanted gross with each cup they take. For this reason, you should clean your Kalita after every use. On top of this, give it a thorough clean every few months.

Daily Cleaning Routine

The following quick steps will help you keep your Kalita Wave dripper clean and ensure that you aren’t getting any additional ickies in your brew.

  1. Start your water heating to about 205 F. Do this first before disassembling the dripper. Once the water is up to temperature, prepare the Kalita Wave for cleaning.
  2. It is important to let your brewer cool down for about 30 minutes or even more. An easy way to get around this is to simply put it in the sink or an open air space as you take your coffee. You can then clean it when you are returning the cup into the sink. 
  3. Next, throw the paper filter and the coffee grounds into the bin. Leave the paper filter in the sink to dry completely before throwing it into the bin. 
  4. Find a suitable sponge or soft dishcloth and a small dab of neutral dishwashing detergent to scrub the internal and external parts of your Kalita. For a thorough clean, use warm water to wipe down all the surfaces.  
  5. After that, rinse the dripper thoroughly using fresh water to remove all the detergents. 
  6. For the best results, leave the cleaned Kalita Wave to air dry on a dry rack. Alternatively, you can dry by hand using a clean towel to prevent water spots from forming on the surface. But don’t be clumsy, especially if your Kalita is made of glass. 
  7. For the most part, you can do the cleaning in the dishwasher. But you should be aware that dishwashers are sometimes notorious for leaving water spots on your brewer. If you do the washing in the dishwasher, try pulling the dripper out of the dishwasher before it dries and then gives an additional rinse with fresh water. 
  8. If you spot something like lime deposits on your Kalita or if your coffee starts developing a strange taste, it could be an indication that you need to use a different method to clean it. We have elaborated below how to clean Kalita Wave using a descaling solution. 

Important Tip: Do not clean your Kalita Wave with a dishwasher if it is made of plastic because plastic often takes on the odors from the dishwasher tablets. Likewise, never use anything abrasive to clean your brewer as it is not effective. It will only scratch its surface, which often leaves a dull appearance.

Occasional Thorough Cleaning

Depending on the hardness of water, you should descale your Kalita after every two months to keep it cleaner and brighter. Descaling will ensure that the temperature of the water is consistent by removing buildup dirt. It also improves the water taste significantly. Here is the process. 

  1. Empty the sachet of your descaling stuff into a jug of hot or warm water, then store it to dissolve. 
  2. After that, pour the descaling liquid into the dripper, filling it to the top. Work on it as if you were preparing a brew, with all parts attached as normal. Leave it there to rinse for a while. 
  3. Pour the descaling solution into the sink and refill your brewer with fresh water. 
  4. Once again, run a complete brewing cycle with the clean water. Repeat this process for about two times to remove any traces of descaler. 
  5. You can finish off by giving your Kalita a clean rinse using a gentle dishwasher.

One of the best cleaning powders you can use to make descaling liquid is Puro. This descaling powder is made from all-natural and biodegradable ingredients. It eliminates coffee residue and oils from your class or stainless steel dripper. It also keeps filters clear for even extraction.

Alternatively, you can also use Barkeeper’s Friend. Use it to scrub away some of the buildup lurking in your dripper. Make sure to use a soft dishcloth to clean your glass or stainless still Kalita brewer to avoid scratching the finish.


By now you should be well equipped to give your Kalita a smooth and thorough clean. As you know, coffee contains oils that usually build up over time if not removed, leading to bitterness or weird tasks in your coffee. That is why it is important to clean Kalita Wave immediately after use with mild detergent. Occasionally give it a thorough clean with an effective descaler. 

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