Best Commercial Coffee Maker

When you own a coffee shop or a restaurant, the pressure on you becomes even greater. Not only do you need to deliver authentic and exquisite-tasting coffee, but you also need to be consistent in this delivery.

This is where commercial coffee machines can help.

Below, we’ve discussed the best commercial coffee maker on the market. Keep reading to find out which one is worth making an investment.

What are the Different Types of Coffee Makers?

Being aware of the different types of coffee machines will give you a better insight into the coffee making industry. At the moment, there are three coffee maker types:

Bean to Cup Coffee Machine

The bean to cup coffee maker is one of the most common models because of its simplicity. You can make a single-serve at just the press of a button, which makes it more suitable for home use or small cafés.

These machines grind coffee beans and distribute them into the brewing chamber. This chamber contains hot water which initiates the coffee-making process. You can also use a milk foam dispenser if you want.

We cover the best grind and brew coffee makers in our roundup review guide here.

Combination Bean to Cup Coffee Machine

This is a hybrid coffee maker – of sorts – that can ground coffee as well as prepare instant coffee. These kinds of coffee machines are more suitable for everyday office settings.

This coffee maker type is easy to use and also has higher durability making it the best choice for everyday use. 

Coffee Hopper Coffee Commercial Machine

A coffee hopper commercial coffee machine is quite similar to the bean to cup models. The only difference is that the former has an extended chamber on top that can be filled with beans. Few models are also funneled into a grinder before connecting to the brewing chamber. These commercial coffee makers would be best for a larger setting.

Semi-Automatic Commercial Coffee Maker vs. Automatic Commercial Coffee Maker?

Buying an automatic machine is a smarter choice for most businesses because of its ease of operation and efficiency. There is no need to grind coffee beans, tamp them, or worry about coffee extraction. Plus, it’ll help you save a lot of time when using the coffee maker.

Semi-automatic commercial coffee makers require more work which, on a particularly busy day, might end up putting too much pressure on your staff.

You can also consider your volume of business – ask yourself how much coffee would be needed per day. Also, automation comes at a price as they have specific technologies that make them so efficient.

Do the Best Commercial Coffee Maker Need A Lot of Maintenance?

As your commercial business consists of serving coffee and edibles, the daily maintenance of your coffee makers best be on your to-do list.

Any negligence, in this case, will not only put the health of your customers at risk, but it’ll also end up with the health department imposing a fina on you.

Furthermore, by properly maintaining your commercial coffee machine, you’ll be able to increase its longevity to anywhere from 5 to 15 years. Also, since regular cleaning will prevent any accumulation of residue, your coffee will be taste much better as well.

Features to Look Out for When Buying the Best Commercial Coffee Maker

Unlike the old times, coffee has become much more personalized and refined. This becomes even more predominant when customers are placing an order for a cup of coffee in a restaurant or café.

And while commercial coffee makers can be really helpful here, it’s still subject to certain conditions. You need to be careful when purchasing a coffee machine to ensure it’s the right fit for you. 

Check out our list of factors to look at before deciding to buy one.


Start by considering the number of people you expect to cater, and whether you’re buying the commercial coffee maker for an office, restaurant, or coffee shop.

Low-volume commercial coffee makers can make 50 cups of coffee, while medium-sized commercial coffee makers have a capacity of 150 to 200 cups. If you expect more people, you can opt for high-volume commercial coffee makers that can easily prepare 200 to 500 cups of coffee a day. 

Basically, finding out how much coffee you’ll need becomes the most important factor before you can settle on a maker.


Here, you need to decide whether you want a hands-off coffee-making experience or would want to do it manually. In the case of the former, you can buy a programmable electric coffee maker that will keep your coffee ready. A less automatic coffee maker would require a bit more attention as there’s no one-button operation.

Keep in mind that a coffee maker is only good if you or your staff don’t face difficulties when using the maker. Otherwise, all the money you spent will be wasted.


After determining the type of coffee maker you’d like, it’s important to create a budget and operate within it.

The best commercial coffee maker is mostly an expensive affair. They are more mechanical, have specialized technology, and advanced control systems to deliver consistent quality. Plus, if you add a brand name, it adds another zero to the price tag.

This is why it’s important for you to make a sensible decision. Make a selection that falls comfortably within your budget without having to compromise on important features that could help in efficiently meeting the demands of your business.

Ease of Use and Maintenance

Maintenance is an essential factor, especially when you’re dealing with high performing and professional equipment. 

When using a commercial coffee machine, descaling becomes important every few months – but, it might be even more frequent if your water has higher mineral content.

A self-cleaning coffee maker often has removable components and group-heads to make washing and maintaining them easier. Nevertheless, we’ll advise you to train your staff to clean the coffee maker properly including taking the kit apart and putting it back together.


This is the most obvious pointer and perhaps, the only thing that your customer is going to care about.

Before buying the best commercial coffee maker, read customer reviews that focus on the taste, consistency, and quality of the coffee or espresso shots produced. Also, there are models that can prepare different beverages like tea. This would be more preferable as you’ll be getting more variation at the same price.

Important Questions to Ask Yourself Before Buying the Best Coffee Makers

While we’ve discussed the features, here are a couple of questions to streamline your shopping even more. It’ll also ascertain that you get the best commercial coffee maker available in the market.

  • Does the commercial coffee maker come with a maintenance or repair warranty?
  • How much would it cost you if the coffee maker breaks down?
  • How long does cleaning the coffee maker normally take?
  • In case of any mishap, can you return or exchange the coffee maker?
  • Does the manufacturing company offer any emergency repair services on its coffee makers?

These are important questions that you need to make a note of as it covers the long-term basics of coffee maker best.

The Best Commercial Coffee Makers of 2020

BUNN VP17-3SS3L Pourover Commercial Coffee Brewer

With a brewing power up to 3.8 gallons/14.4 L of coffee per hour, the BUNN VP17-3SS3L Pourover Commercial Coffee Brewer is perfect for restaurant owners, convenience stores, diners, and of course, cafés. In spite of looking like a high-end, complicated appliance, it’s actually quite lightweight that makes it the best choice for people who want a portable commercial coffee maker.

BUNN has always believed in consistently delivering quality coffee to its users. It understands that the best coffee maker should brew authentic tasting and flavourful coffee from the first cup to the last – and it’s exactly a product it delivers. The company has adopted a superior technology that keeps water consistent and at the optimum temperature and then releases it evenly.

One of its biggest advantages is the patented SplashGuard funnel accessory that ensures you don’t get burned from hot liquid splashes. Moreover, since it‘s a pour-over coffee maker, you don’t need any plumbing to make it operate. One specific problem was the lack of detailed instructions, but since the coffee maker is easy to use, it isn’t a major deal-breaker.

Having a solid stainless steel construction, this coffee maker is made to last. Also, it’s a more advanced version that includes all the good features of its predecessors. Yet, it’s the fact that the BUNN VP17-3SS3L Pourover Commercial Coffee Brewer owns three warmers that helps it become even more powerful and effective to meet the demands of a commercial setting.

This coffee machine is modern and intelligent ensuring there is never a shortage of best-tasting commercial coffee ever again in your office or restaurant.

For more Bunn coffee makers, check out our guide on the best bunn coffee makers here.



Bezzera Magica V2 Commercial Espresso Machine


At the very first glance, the Bezzera Magica V2 Commercial Espresso Machine looks like a stunning, heavy-duty coffee machine specimen. Made with the knowledge and experience of a company that has been producing premium quality espresso machines for over a hundred years, you know that the Bezzera Magica is going to be a quality purchase.

It’s a professional-grade machine that has an E61 group head and an exclusive heat-exchanging technology. The group head acts as a medium to let the water flow continuously through it while the water heats the space due to conduction.

This also enables the group head to receive the needed heat, which is very important for making the perfect espresso.

Now, the heat exchanger works with the thermosyphon system of the commercial coffee maker that helps deliver hot water when needed. Not only does it circulate hot water into the group head, but it also pulls out the not-so-hot water back to the heat exchanger.

The Bezzera Magica V2 Commercial Espresso Machine has a 2 L copper boiler that is responsible for steaming a creamy, hot froth. It also has two professional-grade gauges to indicate boiler pressure and pump pressure.

You’ll like the handy water refill feature that makes sure you enjoy a continuous water supply. This also helps to protect the machine from heat damage which would‘ve happened in case of a water shortage.

Adding to the convenience are joystick-controlled knobs that can deliver hot water or instant steam. Also, the insulated wands aid quick frothing.



La Pavoni BAR T 3 Group Commercial Espresso Machine

The La Pavoni BAR T 3 Group Commercial Espresso Machine is a stellar piece of coffee machine that can deliver nearly 50 percent more beverages then regular commercial coffee makers as it has three groups. This is precisely why it can play a crucial role in boosting the efficiency of medium to large restaurants or coffee shops.

Having an anti-dripping pressurization system and temperature stability, this commercial coffee maker can maintain product consistency as well. It has top-notch groups that are made out of brass and chrome that not only gives it a superior shine, but also increases its durability, temperature stability, and strength.

Using its hot water control, you’ll be able to keep the brewing pressure at the exact same level for all the three groups that assure the proper extraction of coffee. 

The La Pavoni BAR T 3 Group Commercial Espresso Machine has electronic programmable dosing with a digital control pad and microprocessor. It uses technology that provides thermal stability to the coffee groups that allows free infusion and creates a constant temperature of the coffee grounds letting you enjoy consistent and balanced shots of coffee.As mentioned before, this espresso machine can produce a lot of coffee thanks to its 23 L boiler that also eliminates frequent refilling. Additional features like a radiator hydraulic system and an anti-vacuum valve keep the working of the machine consistent and safe.



Nuova Simonelli Aurelia II Digital 4 Group Espresso Machine

We‘ve added this machine on our best commercial coffee maker list because of its multiple features and digital controls. 

With the Nuova Simonelli Aurelia II Digital 4 Group Espresso Machine, you enter into the world of digital controls while preparing amazing cups of coffee. A proven favorite with baristas across the world, they help to maintain beverage quality while ensuring its rich and authentic taste. It truly brings advanced tech to coffee-making – but with a few caveats.

The coffee maker has a display control that gives you an accurate temperature control no matter the circumstance, which helps you deliver excellent espresso every time. It also makes it easier to control the water temperature of the four groups separately. This can be remarkably helpful when preparing different blends of beverages.

The ergonomic design of the Nuova Simonelli Aurelia II Digital 4 Group Espresso Machine plays an important role in improving its efficiency. The work surface is evenly lit while the back is angled perfectly to let you see the espresso come right out of the portafilter. The steam wand has LED lighting that helps to illuminate the milk in the pitcher too. So, you’re always aware of what is exactly going on with your coffee.

It has a clever system that is in charge of controlling pre-fusion. It should be noted that this process takes place at low pressure, which is helpful for pulling consistent espresso shots.

Keep in mind that this coffee maker comes with a steep price tag. So, make sure that it’s within your budget constraints.



Breville the Barista Express Espresso Machine

If you already know espresso brewing, or you’re at least willing to learn it, the Breville the Barista Express Espresso Machine could be a perfect choice.

The brewing capability of this commercial coffee maker is a joy to watch and taste. There are four into baskets – pressurized or non-pressurized versions of a single and double filter to make it easier for all coffee lovers.

While beginners can use the pressurized basket as they don’t require you to meticulously dial in the shot by adjusting the grind settings and grind amount, the non-pressurized baskets are more suited for pros as they let you modify your espresso shots by dialing it in at a high-level. 

Also, the coffee maker has a ‘Dose Control’ option that helps you adjust the grind amount in each cup, which defines your coffee-to-water ratio.

It has a built-in conical burr grinder and coffee bean hopper that can fine-tune your grind size and dial in that perfect cup of coffee consistently. You can also choose whether you want a single or double shot by choosing a filter basket and then selecting the filter size button.

The digital temperature control supplies you with water at exactly the right temperature. Also, the steam wand lets you manually texture micro-foam milk to enhance flavor or even make some latte art!

Although it might look intimidating initially, the Breville the Barista Express Espresso Machine becomes easier to use, especially due to its detailed user manual. It promises to deliver the best shots of espresso consistently – just remember it takes time, effort, and practice in the beginning.



The Bottom Line: What is the Best Commercial Coffee Maker for A Coffee Shop?

Out of the five commercial coffee makers, it’s the BUNN VP17-3SS3L Pourover Commercial Coffee Brewer that packs a solid punch. Not only does it consistently deliver the best commercial coffee, but it can also meet the needs of a commercial setting with ease.

In fact, its ability to deliver nearly four gallons of coffee without compromising on the taste is what instantly set it apart from the competition. Budget-wise too, it’s best for people who don’t want to spend too much money as other options can be very expensive.

Lastly, maintaining and cleaning this commercial coffee machine isn’t that difficult due to its simple, no-fuss design. Keeping all these things in mind, we feel that the BUNN VP17-3SS3L Pourover Commercial Coffee Brewer is definitely the best commercial coffee maker you can buy right now.