Best Coffee Maker Under $50

The quest for the best coffee maker is a tough race to ace, but we’re here to make it effortless. From delicate coffee brewers to extremely sophisticated espresso machines – the market is bubbling with options. Not all of them come cheap. But we’re here to help you find a reasonably pocket-friendly coffee maker.

The good news is: you can find a coffee maker under 50 dollars.

The bad news is: the good ones are not so easy to find.

We have reviewed the best and most reasonably priced coffee makers in this article. But before we get to that, here are some things you should consider. Let’s begin.

Top 8 Features to look for in a budget coffeemaker under 50 dollars

Not many people have the luxury or the desire to buy exorbitantly high-end coffee makers. If you’re reading this, you probably don’t want to either. You want a consistent brew at a reasonable price. That’s not a lot to ask for.

But that is not the only thing worth considering while buying an affordable coffee maker either.

Read on to learn the top things to look for in coffee makers under 50:


To find an affordable coffee maker (under $50) that makes decent coffee without collapsing in under three months is a difficult task. Unfortunately, coffee makers that are highly durable may not come in your budget range, but this does not mean that they don’t exist.

Settling for a non-lasting coffee maker just because it meets your budget requirements is not the solution. You just have to look a little harder and be a little patient.

Pro tip: Read customer reviews and check for warranty before you commit to spending your hard-earned money on a coffeemaker. Look for something that stays put for a minimum of 6 months.

Pod v/s coffee grounds

Is your budget coffee maker pod-based? or does it allow you to brew coffee grounds?

This is the next thing to consider while looking for the best coffee makers under 50 dollars because:

  • Getting a pod-based machine will cost you more over time as pods itself are more expensive than coffee beans.
  • On the contrary, machines with the ability to brew coffee beans or whole beans are a much cheaper alternative. This means you save more money overtime.

Pro Tip: Look for coffee makers with coffee ground brewing options.


If you live alone, you might want to go for a single-serve coffee machine. It ensures minimum wastage and maximum freshness as each cup is brewed at that exact moment. On the other hand, if you drink a lot of coffee and keep coming back for refills, you might want to look for a machine with a large carafe capacity.

Pro Tip: Look for a machine that brews 10 to 12 cups of coffee if you have a large appetite or a big family. On the contrary, go for a single cup coffee machine if you have a small appetite.

Easy To Use & Programmable

Would you waste your time or end your sleep pre-maturely every morning just to prep your coffee when a programmable machine can do it for you? You wouldn’t. Neither will we.

If you are anything like us, you might want to consider buying a programmable coffee maker that can help you schedule your coffee in advance.

Pro Tip: If you are sold on the idea of auto-brewed coffee that is ready for you every morning at the push of a button, look for a coffee maker with a programmable timer.

Easy Cleaning

Of all the many things that you can look for in an affordable coffee machine, easy cleaning is one of them. You don’t want to get stuck with a machine that is hard to clean. Moreover, extra goody points to you if you can find a brewing machine with parts that are dishwasher-safe for cleaning.

Pro Tip: Avoid coffee machines that come with tubing. They need frequent cleaning and are difficult to clean. Instead, look for a detachable water tank and a carafe with a large sprout for ease of use and effortless cleaning.

Temperature Settings

Everyone deserves a hot cup of coffee that just hits the right notes and the right flavors. The brew temperature has a lot to do with not just the coffee heat but the flavor palette too. So if you can find a machine with adjustable temperature settings that you can manipulate to your liking, go for it.

This is not to say that finding a budget coffee machine with temperature settings will be easy. But it isn’t impossible either. All you have to do is search with a hawk-like eye and fiery intent.

Pro Tip: Look for a coffee maker with temperature adjusting options.

Timer /Auto-Off Option

A coffee maker that switches off automatically within hours of brewing is in our opinion, the best coffee maker. This is an indispensable feature that you should not compromise on.

As one of the oldest innovations in coffee machines, it won’t be hard to find a machine with an auto-off button.

Pro Tip: An auto-off option is not hard to find. Look for it when looking for a budgeted coffeemaker.


The utility of a carafe does not end with holding coffee alone. The size of the carafe is a small factor in an ocean of factors you should consider. The other more important component of a carafe is its ability to keep your coffee hot.

Pro Tip: Pick a thermal carafe over a glass carafe as it retains heat for a longer time.

Why You Should Or Shouldn’t Buy Coffee Makers Under 50 Dollars

You love coffee and you want a coffee maker that can brew you good coffee.

We get it. Seems reasonable. Nothing too demanding.

But throw in the price equation, and you’ll end up with a problem in your hands.

The biggest advantage of buying a budget coffee maker that is priced at $50 or below is that it is extremely pocket-friendly. You won’t burn a hole in your wallet when you buy something this affordable.

But the money you save in the short term can easily backfire if and when you end up spending a lot more money in the long term. Truth be told, most budget coffee makers have a short life span that can easily range from 3 months to 1 year or more (if you are lucky).

Trust us when we say this, you don’t want to repeatedly get your coffee maker fixed or spend money on buying cheaper alternatives and replacements just because this one did not work out.

If you’re willing to splurge a little more, consider looking into a coffee maker that is just under $100 (which we cover more in-depth in this guide).

But then again, it’s just $50 right?

That’s the equivalent of a dinner date in a mid-priced restaurant. Not too expensive. So even if it doesn’t work out for you, that’s okay.

But if you belong to a category of people who look for durability in everything they buy, you will have to be okay with opening your purse strings to get a more expensive product. But then again, buying an expensive product that is equal in performance to a low-priced coffee maker will break your heart even more, You can never be too sure.

So looking at it from this perspective, it does seem smarter to go for a low-budget but decent performing coffee maker. After all, what’s the worse that can happen?

For all we know, it might surprise you with its great performance!

Top 3 Things To Consider Before Buying Coffee Makers Under 50 Dollars

So you want to buy a coffee brewer that is ideally $50 or less.

Here are the top things you should consider before buying them:

Scrutinize Customer Reviews On E-Commerce Sites

Whether it is Amazon or Flipkart or any other e-commerce website, make sure that before swiping your card and buying a coffeemaker, you thoroughly check the reviews.

Customer reviews say more about a product than anything else.

Amazon is a great place to learn what people think about a particular product and what their particular experience with it was, But while reading these reviews, you have to be extra careful and filter what resonates with your needs and preferences the most.

For example, some good products may come faulty to a select few people. But just because it happened to someone does not mean that it will happen to you. Instead of fixating too much on this one negative review, you should evaluate how this particular problem affects you.

If its something you can let go, let it go. And keep looking until you find a good fit.

Target Coffeemakers That Can Be Returned And Refunded Within A Reasonable Time

A coffee machine could be the best that there is and you might still not like it.

For example, there are people who like the simplicity of a one-button coffeemaker with less customizable features. And then there are those who want more options that they can play with so that they can brew their coffee exactly how they like it.

Point is, you’ll only know if you like a product after you have enough time to test the product.

So we advise you to look for something that can be returned and refunded within a reasonable time period.

Look For Coffeemakers With A Warranty

You might not end up with the cheapest coffee machine but that’s no reason to not get a warranty.

The beauty of a warranty is that you can get your product fixed/serviced if you happen to break them,

Sometimes, accidents happen. And it so happens that most of the coffeemakers you will find in the budget-friendly zone will not be too durable.

So be smart. Do your research. And buy a coffeemaker with a warranty.

Product Review Of The Top-Rated Coffee Makers In The $50 And Below Price Category

For those looking for the best coffee makers under 50 dollars, this is the best place to look.

We have reviewed the top 5 under 50 coffee makers in this section.

Read on to learn all about them.

Mr. Coffee


For those who are keen on buying a budget coffeemaker, Mr Coffee Cup Coffeemaker is the coffeemaker to turn to. It has a compact design that is built to take up minimum space, making it extremely compatible with your kitchen counter. If you love big dozes of coffee with a 12 cup serving, this coffee brewer will deliver.

While this coffee machine does not come with many up-to-date features that are characteristic of new-age coffee machines, it makes good on its promise of serving strong consistent coffee. Coming to its composition, the machine is made of plastic which means that it will not be as durable as the metal variety.

On the plus side, if you can’t resist stealing a quick cup before the brewing completes, you might fall in love with this coffeemaker after all. Its Grab-A-Cup Auto Pause feature sees to it that your coffee needs are met at all times, even in the middle of brewing.



Chulux Single Serve


Extremely lightweight and portable, the Chulux Single Serve Coffee Maker is the coffeemaker for the modern man. This is a single-serve coffee maker best known for its ability to serve fresh-brewed perfection in every single cup. Be it dark roast or hazelnut coffee, this machine caters to your taste buds like no other. It is the ideal choice for people who like customized coffee and different flavors in each cup of coffee.

It has an auto-off feature that switches off automatically after the brewing cycle is complete. Talk about ease of use, it’s one-button operation sees to it that your coffee-making experience is effortless at all times. What’s more? You can use both capsule & ground coffee to brew your drink. This means more monthly savings on coffee brewing because you don’t have to solely depend on expensive coffee pods.

What more can we say? Your search for the best coffee makers ends here. Get your hands on it now.



Hamilton Beach 48464


Highly efficient and well designed, the Hamilton Beach BrewStation is one of the most versatile coffee makers under 50 dollars. Be it bold, regular, iced, or small-batch brew styles, you can easily customize your brew to your liking.

With a 12 cups brewing capacity and a single-cup dispensing system, this machine is all about serving the perfect cup of coffee while retaining coffee heat. Because it stores the coffee in an internal tank (instead of the coffee pot) and stays switched on for up to 4 hours, the coffee stays warm without burning or scorching your coffee.

Its customizable brew options, programmable timer, and highly efficient dispensing system make the Hamilton Brew 48464 one of our favorite picks in the under 50 dollars price range.



Hamilton Beach Scoop


The elegant looking and highly durable Hamilton Beach Scoop Coffee Maker is a single cup coffee maker that is ideal for people who are looking for coffee machines that are meant to last. But where it scores in durability, it fails in brew strength. The coffee you brew with this equipment might not be strong or hot enough for your liking. But then again, this has a lot to do with your personal taste preference than it does with this coffee maker.

A major USP of this coffeemaker is that you don’t have to use pre-packaged pods. You can easily use loose coffee grounds and put it in the filter basket to brew your daily cup of coffee. The mesh scoop filter is an added bonus as it widens your flavor options. Be it vanilla, hazelnut, or caramel; you can get brewed coffee to your liking.

All in all, this is a reasonably-priced coffee maker for the value it delivers.



Black+Decker CM1160B


Highly programmable and extremely self-sufficient, the Black+Decker CM1160B model is one of a kind. Believe us when we say this, this programmable coffee maker is one of the best coffee makers in the under $50 category.

This unit comes with a 24-hour programmable timer to take care of your early morning coffee needs at the push of a button. All you have to do is schedule your coffee in advance and your morning cup of joe is ready to go. Its digitalized controls are designed to give you all the control you need – to brew your coffee just how you like it.

Drinking coffee mid-brewing has never been easier. Push a button and enjoy a hot cup of freshly brewed coffee before the brewing cycle ends. It also has an auto-off feature that automatically switches the equipment off within 2 hours post-brewing.



Final Verdict: What is the best coffee maker under 50 dollars?

Thank you for reading this far.

Be assured that whatever product you end up buying, it will be extremely affordable.

This means that the best coffeemaker in the under $50 price category can best be determined by what you are looking for. We have compiled this list to make it easier for you:

  • Non-pod-based under $50 coffee maker: The Chulux Single-Serve and the Hamilton Beach Scoop are excellent options for people who want a coffee machine that is not pod-based. These machines allow you to use coffee grounds instead of pods/capsules to brew your coffee, saving you money and the horrors of the seemingly metallic taste that comes with some pods.
  • Under $50 coffeemaker with the maximum capacity: With the capacity to hold 12 cups of coffee, the Hamilton Beach (48464), Mr Coffee, and Black+Decker CM1160B have the ability to brew maximum coffee to satisfy your raging caffeine needs.
  • Under $50 coffeemaker with a single cup dispensing option: The Chulux Single Serve, Hamilton Beach BrewStation, and the Hamilton Beach Scoopare are all single-serve coffeemakers and excellent options for people who want to have one cup at a time.
  • Most programmable coffeemaker under $50: With its mid-brew pause feature, auto-off function, and 24-hour programmable timer, the Black+Decker CM1160B is the most programmable machine in this list.
  • Under $50 coffee maker with maximum brewing options: The Hamilton Beach Scoop, Chulux Single-Serve, and the Hamilton Beach 48464 BrewStation both offer the most versatile brewing options. Whether it is hazelnut, vanilla, or caramel coffee; they cater to your taste buds with maximum satisfaction.