Best 5 Cup Coffee Maker

Coffee or that “hot cup of Joe” that many would like to call it, has become almost a necessity for us, with all those late nighters and early wake up calls.  However, it might not always be possible to be running to your nearest coffee shop five-ten times a day. The 5-cup coffee maker is perfect for us coffee-heads because you can have enough coffee for two people and still have another cup left. 

Things You Need to Know Before Purchasing A 5 Cup Coffee Maker

Why a 5 cup coffee maker?

Caffeine is like a tonic that keeps us functioning effectively through the day. That daily dose of caffeine is sometimes the only thing that sustains us. It has also become a habit for a lot of us. This is why the 5 cup coffee maker is extremely essential, as it can make coffee for multiple people at the same time. You can make it all at once, even if you will be drinking it all yourself later, removing the need for having to make coffee multiple times. It may not seem much at first. However, over time, having the coffee maker is actually a lot more beneficial. 

The different features provided

The 5 cup coffee makers are simply incredible because they are all programmable now and you can simply set a time on the timer and wait for a bit to get that perfectly brewed cup. You can even go take a nap in between and wake up to that smell of a freshly brewed pot. Versatility is something else that you can get with the features that these 5 cup coffee makers have. Like, if you are eager to prepare any kind of specialty drinks, then you can use the 5 cup coffee makers that come with steamers or warmers. 

How to choose from the plethora of options?

You can feel a lot of pressure when choosing the perfect 5 cup coffee maker to buy and that is perfectly normal. It is definitely a very personal decision, like choosing your perfect car. You can definitely take a look at these things to finally decide on the coffee maker that suits you the best. 


You should always look for quality in anything you invest on and this is no different for a coffee maker. That means, you should get a machine that is not only made of the best quality raw materials, but also a machine that produces coffee of the highest quality. The raw materials must be of the highest standards. The better the quality of the raw materials, the more durable they will be. 

A coffee maker is an investment. A lot of us have to be working on a strict budget. So, it is not easy at all to replace faulty parts on our coffee maker, or replace the whole machine itself. So the coffee maker must be able to withstand the test of time. 


The second thing that you should be looking at is definitely the quantity of coffee the machine can produce at a go. You can have a family of three, or you can have a family of ten. So you will be the best judge of how much coffee you will be needing, on a daily basis. You should also factor in your regular (and irregular) guests, to get a better estimate. 

Problems that may occur

The coffee maker is still a machine, at the end of the day and is prone to breaking down. So, the machine will definitely require routine maintenance and a change of parts if anything breaks down. Also you have to accept that the flavour of the coffee produced by it, might not match up to the best coffee you have ever had in your life. 

We have decided to give you the top picks for coffee makers available today, so that you can easily select the one you want. You no longer have to toil through site after site, just to get your perfect machine, because it’s all here at your fingertips. Now, let’s glance at the best 5 cup coffee makers.

List of the Best 5 Cup Coffee Makers



It is an attractive-looking drip coffee maker, capable of making 4-5 cups worth of coffee at one go. It starts brewing the coffee, only after it has finished purifying the water poured into it. Its unique design with beautiful styling and elegant physical features allow it to accentuate the ambience of the place, whether you put it in your kitchen or at your office. It requires around 650 watts of power and takes a maximum of 8 minutes to brew for you that perfect, rich flavoured cup(s) of coffee. It is structurally quite sound, without any known flaws, thus making it relatively durable. 

The machine comes with its own water tank. It can also be replaced according to the needs of the owner. It remains inside the body of the coffee maker, concealed from view. 

The machine has an automatic “keep-warm” feature. This feature makes sure to keep the coffee that has been brewed, warm enough so that it can be served without any delay. 

It has a charcoal water filter, with a capability to last for around two years, under general use. 

The machine also comes with a filter cone.





This coffee maker is designed to provide you with the best combination of taste and functionality. It can perform admirably, while producing a brew of coffee that is really rich in flavour. The whole machine is mainly made out of stainless steel, making it relatively durable among all of the options. The machine will also shut off on its own, after an hour of inactivity. You can choose from its multiple programmable features to set brewing options to your convenience. For example, with the “Delay Brew” option you can have coffee whenever you desire it. The machine also has an option called the “Brew Strength Selector”. You can achieve that bolder, richer flavour for your brew with this selector. 

The company also gives you a carafe, made with stainless steel

It has several perforations, just for steaming foods. 

It comes with an inbuilt on-off light, which easily lets you know whether your machine is turned on or off. It also comes with an option to pause the coffee maker in the middle of the brewing phase.





This is one of the most easily operable machines of the whole list. You can use it even if you are half asleep, as it has very simple functions and very few control buttons. It comes with a carafe that is completely made out of glass. It also has a filter that is reusable. 

It is designed to provide a quite small and compact machine. But, this pocket-sized machine, can still produce one of the strongest brews of coffee possible. 

It makes around 4-5 cups of coffee in one process and it takes around 10 minutes for the machine to finish the process of brewing the coffee. The machine has been designed keeping structural integrity in mind. 

It requires around 650 watts of power. Now let’s take a look at its different features:

It can brew around 25 ounces or 740 ml of coffee at a time. 

You get a filter basket with the machine which can be removed from the machine. 

You also get a filter when you buy this coffee maker.

The price point of this coffee maker also makes it a great choice if you live in a college dorm (or have a child that lives in one). We also cover this coffee maker in our best coffee maker for college review guide.





This siphon coffee maker is made in japan, by the company Hario and is designed to provide specialty coffee. 

It has a capacity of 5 cups of coffee. Hario has taken every step to ensure that their customers get high quality. Most of the body of the coffee maker is made of stainless steel. This includes the stand, the cover of the burner and even the filter of the machine. The handle of the stand, however, has been given a cover made out of silicone. Metal is the material of choice for this machine. Hario has made sure to use only the highest grade, heat resistant borosilicate glass, to manufacture the upper bowl and lower bowl of the coffee maker.This makes the whole machine extremely resistant to heat. The machine needs around 400 watts of power. 

It comes with a spatula made of bamboo for stirring. 

It is easy to use as it has one of the simplest structures available. But it still has a number of different functions.





The Black+Decker made 5 cup drip coffee maker is one of the best coffee makers in existence. The excellently designed ergonomic handle attached to the carafe itself, is one of the first things that you notice when you take this machine out of the box. The machine is quite compact. It comes with its own permanent filter. So no need for new paper filters. You also have the option of pausing the coffee maker in the middle of the brewing process using the “Sneak-a-Cup” feature. Each of the control buttons on this drip coffee maker, come with indicator lights on them. You can check up on the level of water in the machine with the water window present on the side. Its wattage is around 120 Watts. 

It comes with multiple no-stick, hot plates. 

It also comes with a filter basket

The power cord of the machine can be retracted. 

It can serve around 5 personal cups of coffee or 250 ml. 

It will turn off on its own, in case you might have forgotten about it, after pouring the coffee.




So obviously we reviewed a host of different products and if you really are looking to buy the best 5 cup coffee maker, the BLACK + DECKER CM0700BZ, is the machine for you. It is made of good quality materials. So, it will be quite durable and will be able to withstand the test of time. It also produces a good quality. But, always remember, that a good cup of coffee will always require high quality coffee grounds. So, if you feed the quality coffee grounds to the machine, you will definitely get good results. It is quite cheap and compact and with its sleek design, this incredible drip coffee maker will brighten up your whole kitchen. I know, it does not have too many coffee options. But, as long as you are not trying to open up a coffee shop, that should not matter too much. Also, you can still go to your favourite coffee shop from time to time, to get some variety and you know, say a hi.