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We know what you’re going through.

Finding the best coffee makers from the wide variety and options on the market can be challenging. 

At the brand new Kalita USA our goal is to guide you through the coffee maker buying process and create a valuable source of relevant and up-to-date information around the subject. 

The former Kalita USA entity shut down in 2019 and our team has restarted the brand as a resource for folks like yourself looking to find their perfect coffee machine. 

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Our team of experts continues to tap into up to date coffee maker reviews and guides. 

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For general inquiries, contact us at: [email protected]

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Our Team

Stephen Clayton

Chief Editor

Stephen is the main contributor to our website’s content. He’s a former coffee barista and aspires to compete in the World Barista Championship. He enjoys reading up on the latest coffee brewing methods to share with the readers of this site. Occasionally, when he’s not experimenting with brew styles or writing, you can find him running or playing chess.

Email Tony: [email protected]

Mckenzie Stevens

Mckenzie Stevens


Mckenzie is an established coffee and food blogger. She enjoys distilling research into tips and guides for readers to apply to their lives.

Email Mckenzie: [email protected]

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