Kalita Premium "Shop" Filters

Kalita Premium "Shop" Filters

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Finally. A paper coffee filter that doesn't add unwanted paper taste!

Kalita makes four different grades of paper filters, and these are the top of the line. The Kohiyasan 'Coffee Shop' line is the cleanest, heaviest paper filter we've ever encountered in the popular "truncated cone" shape.

These are 17% heavier than Melitta and 24% heavier than Filtropa, while still being the cleanest paper filter we've found. Yes, we've been taste-testing coffee filters.

The heavier paper promotes a slower brew-flow, encouraging better extraction and ultimately a sweeter, well-developed brew. The quality of the paper is such that without a pre-rinse, these filters impart less paper-filter taste than most filters WITH a pre-rinse.

No. 13157 : Kalita Shop Filter 102 White (box of 40) 
No. 13165 : Kalita Shop Filter 102 White (box of 100)

No. 15123 : Kalita Shop Filter 103 White (box of 40) 
No. 15127 : Kalita Shop Filter 103 White (box of 100) 

Size 102 is the same as Melitta #2. Great for Beehouse, Melitta, and similar. 
Size 103 is the same size as Melitta #4. Great for Clever Coffee Dripper, Technivorm Moccamaster, etc. 
Compatible with these and many other manual and auto-drip brewing devices.

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