Dear Kalita USA customer,

To cut to the chase: We’re closing down Kalita USA.

As you probably know, Kalita USA has been a subsidiary of Wrecking Ball Coffee Roasters here in San Francisco. Since 2011, we’ve been importing and distributing Kalita products throughout the US, and we’re responsible for initially promoting their brand and products outside of Asia that made Kalita a recognized name throughout the global specialty coffee industry. We worked closely with Kalita and were proud to represent them as exclusive master distributors in the US and brand ambassadors for Kalita worldwide.

Unfortunately, a great deal has changed since those first few years, including a number of changes at Kalita’s top management, an overall lack of leadership at that company, and a shocking reneging on our prior agreements. Still, we continued to represent the brand. However, with continued unwillingness to work with us constructively and with chronic supply issues with no improvement over the last few years, we’ve made the decision to dissolve Kalita USA as an entity and focus on our core coffee roasting and cafe business, as well as our December Dripper products. Without any indication of a desire or ability to grow their brand or support distribution in the US or anywhere, we no longer have confidence in Kalita.

With a growing number of other flat-bottomed pourover products on the market, we suggest that you invest in one of those for your coffee brewing toolset.

We are launching a December Dripper wholesale program soon, including high-quality filters for the December Dripper and other similarly sized and shaped flat-bottomed pourover drippers. Look out for that in the coming weeks.

Thanks for your continued support and engagement of the coffee gear that we’ve promoted and offered to the specialty coffee community and coffee lovers everywhere.

Nick Cho & Trish Rothgeb